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  Ventilation pipe plays an important role in the building, which plays the role of ventilation, maintaining indoor temperature and humidity. The ventilation duct produced by Jinan ventilation duct has been applied in many fields, among which the factory is a place with more applications. What requirements does the factory have for the ventilation duct?


  Ventilation pipes are used in many factories, schools and other public places, mainly for ventilation and air exchange. The ventilation pipes used in factories should not only ventilate, but also keep the temperature of the workshop constant. Generally, the temperature of the workshop should be kept at 25 ℃, which is the need of processing. Any substance has the function of heat expansion and cold contraction. In addition to water, so in the heat treatment workshop, the temperature is more important There are strict requirements.                  



  In the heat treatment workshop, the ventilation pipes need to be installed according to the workshop installation process drawings, and then adjusted according to the actual needs. If the indoor temperature can not be kept stable, it is necessary to install the temperature regulator in the workshop. The general workshop will replace it with air conditioning. Therefore, we also need to install ventilation equipment for the air conditioner. The ventilation system installed is essential.


  Another factor that needs to be considered in the installation of ventilation pipes in heat treatment workshops is corrosion resistance. Since most heat treatment workshops work at higher temperatures, sometimes water is needed for cooling, which will cause a large amount of water vapor evaporation. We need to make efforts to select the materials of our pipes. These gases contain corrosive substances, so the pipelines Be sure to resist corrosion.


  It can be seen from the above that there are strict requirements for the application of ventilation duct in the factory. Adjustment and installation should be carried out according to the actual situation. It is precisely because of the strict requirements on the ventilation duct that the product quality is guaranteed in the follow-up use process, and the work can be carried out smoothly. For more information, please click Jinan ventilation duct Official website Stop.


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