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  There are many ways to connect the spiral ventilation pipe when it is connected. Generally speaking, we should pay attention to the fact that when the spiral ventilation duct is connected, the local incision should be tight and solid, and the four corners of the rectangular air duct must have positioning and sealing measures. Then, on the two levels of air duct connection and should adhere to straight, not dislocation and distortion. The following is a detailed introduction:


  One of the connection methods of professional side spiral ventilation duct is spiral duct hoop connection. In this connection method, the two ends of each pipe section will be rolled into drum ribs, and one end of the pipe will be directly shrunk into a small mouth. During the installation, the small mouth will be directly stabbed into the side of the big mouth according to the air flow direction, and the steel drag hoop will be used outside to directly hold and connect the drum reinforcement of the two pipe ends, and finally the bolt will be threaded in the ear ring side for fixing and tightening.



  What's more, the connection of spiral ventilation pipes will be of plug-in connection. This connection method, first of all, will be used for the connection of rectangular or circular air ducts. First, it will receive the manufacturing bit, and then it will stab into the air ducts on both sides. Then, it will be directly fixed with self tapping screws or pull willow screws.


  Of course, as for the connection of spiral ventilation pipes, the insertion type connection will be selected. In this connection method and rectangular air duct connection, the inserts of different methods are inserted into the two ends of the air duct. After that, attention should be paid to compaction. In terms of its shape and its receiving method, it is necessary to refer to the detailed description and pay attention to no mistakes.


  Finally, as for the connection method of spiral ventilation pipe, there will be hose connection. This connection method of spiral ventilation pipe is mainly used in the connection device of spiral air duct and components (such as diffuser static pressure box side air supply outlet, etc.), and the two ends of its soft arm will be covered outside of the pick-up. Next, we should pay attention to the use of special soft clamp to clamp the hose.


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