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  Ventilation duct is very important in our urban construction, especially the installation quality problem, which directly affects the air exchange, affects people's normal work activities and efficiency, so what factors affect its installation quality?


  1. Preparation before construction


  As the saying goes, "sharpening the knife does not cut firewood by mistake". Sufficient preparation is the premise to ensure the installation quality of air duct. Preparation for the production of clean pipes, whether factory centralized production or on-site production, should ensure that the site is clean and closed, with qualified lighting and lighting conditions. In addition, it is necessary to take care of the square tube to avoid pollution.


  2. Selection of duct material


  The selection of ventilation pipe material also has a great impact on the construction quality of the pipeline. Generally speaking, in order to ensure the weight of the pipe, the pipe with smaller plate thickness is needed, but the pipe size and pressure level should be considered comprehensively. From a design point of view, it is worth noting that a system can have several pipe thicknesses corresponding to different static pressure levels at the same time.



  3. Transverse connection of air duct


  The transverse connection of air duct has certain stress. This connection method can be said to be a means to extend the length of the air duct, and also has the function of enhancing the rigidity and maintaining the transverse dimension of the air duct. Generally, the transverse connection mode is angle steel flange connection. The connection mode depends on the wall thickness, the connection type and the reinforcement mode of the panel wall.


  4. Longitudinal joint of air duct


  The joint mode of longitudinal joint of air duct can be selected according to the situation. In the medium and low pressure air duct, the button type bite connection is often used. For rectangular air duct, the joint bite has no pressure level, so the use of button type bite can save a flanging process. At present, most of the longitudinal seam joints of air duct adopt the button type bite. Rivets, self tapping screws, spot welding and dent pressing can be used to fasten the vertical seam and cover type vertical seam.


  5. Storage of air duct


  The prefabricated air duct needs to be stored well to avoid secondary pollution. The pipe orifice can be sealed with plastic cloth and other sealing materials, and then the air duct can be stacked in different categories. Before using the pipeline, please pay attention to the cleaning operation, make sure that the surface of the plate is not corroded, and do not clean after drying.


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