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  With the development, Jinan ventilation duct is widely used in all walks of life, but with the continuous growth of service time, a large number of impurities will accumulate in the ventilation duct. These impurities will be stored in the pipeline for a long time, which will accelerate the condensation of oil during operation. If the temperature conversion is too high, the air pressure valve, hydraulic and other components will be damaged, seriously affecting the normal operation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the ventilation duct equipment regularly. But how to clean it up?


  (1) When the air duct is connected with the fan, the air inlet and outlet should be installed with soft joints. The cross-sectional dimension of the flexible joint shall be the same as that of the fan inlet and outlet. Hose connectors can be made of canvas, synthetic leather and other materials. The length of the hose should not be less than 200 and the tightness should be appropriate. The hose can cushion the vibration of the fan.


  (2) When the air duct is connected with the dust removal equipment and heating equipment, the prefabrication and installation shall be suspended according to the theoretical mapping map after the equipment is installed.



  (3) In when installing the ventilation pipe, the inlet and outlet should be opened when the air duct is prefabricated. If the duct needs to be opened at the end of installation, its interface should be tight.


  (4) When transporting condensate water or gas with large water content, the horizontal pipeline should have slope and be connected with drainage pipe at low point. During installation, the longitudinal joint should not appear at the bottom of the air duct, and the sealing treatment should be suspended at the bottom joint.


  (5) For steel plate air duct conveying inflammable and explosive gas, jumper shall be installed at the connecting flange of air duct and connected with electrostatic grounding grid.

  (6)当程度风道高度超过4m时,安装人员应佩戴安 全带。脚手架或移动支架上的跳板应固定好,跳板的宽度应符合安 全规范。脚手架上的设备人员应携带袋子,以免掉落物体或电钻伤人。

  (6) When the height of horizontal air duct exceeds 4m, the installation personnel shall wear safety belt. The springboard on the scaffold or mobile support shall be fixed, and the width of the gangway shall comply with the safety regulations. Equipment personnel on the scaffold should carry bags to avoid falling objects or electric drill from hurting people.


  (7) After the double suspender bracket is in place in the air duct, the cross arm should be straight, the suspender should not be changed, and the double suspender should be stressed evenly.


  The above is about the method of cleaning the impurities in the ventilation pipe. Jinan ventilation pipe should be cleaned every three months, so as to ensure the normal operation at ordinary times and prolong the service life of the ventilation pipe. For more information, please stay tuned to our Official website.


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