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  Whether the joint connection of Jinan ventilation pipe is successful is the key to the successful installation of the whole ventilation pipeline system. If the joint connection of Jinan ventilation pipeline is unqualified, the pipeline system will leak in the process of use. Therefore, the following precautions should be paid attention to when connecting the ventilation pipe.


  1. For the straight section of rectangular air duct, whether connected with the same plate or spliced with several plates, the surface should be smooth and the corner line should be straight. Before assembly, the cutting surface of the plate should be cleaned of cutting powder, dust and debris.


  2. After the combination of pipe sections, the external joint should be trimmed to 45 degrees, and the outer surface of the plate should be sealed with aluminum foil. The width of each side shall not be less than 20 mm. The perpendicularity and angle line shall be checked and adjusted with angle ruler and steel strip, and the deviation shall meet the specification requirements.



  3. After the arc surface or broken line surface of the air duct is cut and bent, it should be pre assembled with the flat plate, and then coated with adhesive to ensure the geometric shape, size and indentation of the pipe fitting.


  4. The connected and assembled pipe sections shall be placed vertically until they are formed before moving.


  5. The adhesive for aluminum foil composite insulation pipe shall be the special adhesive approved by the plate manufacturer. If the brand adhesive is purchased separately, the bonding effect comparison test shall be conducted, and the adhesive shall be inspected and approved by the supervisor and the plate manufacturer before use.


  6. Pre assembly shall be carried out before bonding. Check whether the joints are fully bonded and properly coated with adhesive, control of bonding time, season, temperature and bonding performance. Prior to batch processing, sample testing should be performed to determine bonding time.


  Therefore, after the joint connection of the ventilation pipe in Jinan is completed, it is necessary to pay attention to the detailed inspection and inspection of the joint connection of the ventilation pipe, so as to ensure that the joint connection of the ventilation pipe is tight. The above is a small part of the content to share. We must pay attention to the above points when we connect the ventilation pipes. We hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, please click on the home page of our official   website.


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