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Low noise ventilation duct equipment should be selected in the high noise control situation. Under the same air volume and wind pressure, the noise of centrifugal fan with wing blade is lower than that with forward blade.


Reduce the speed of ventilation equipment properly. The rotating noise of ventilation equipment is proportional to the 10th power of impeller circumferential speed, and the eddy noise is proportional to the 6th power (or 5th power) of impeller circumferential speed. Therefore, the noise can be reduced by reducing the rotating speed.



When designing the ventilation system, the pressure loss of the system should be minimized. When the total amount and pressure loss of ventilation system are large, it can be divided into small systems.


The velocity of airflow in the pipe should not be too high to avoid regeneration noise. The flow velocity in the pipeline should be selected according to different requirements and relevant regulations.


The above is about reducing ventilation duct noise related content introduction, hope to help you, want to learn more about related content, please continue to pay attention to our website.


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