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  Ventilation equipment pipes are used to ventilate, alleviate indoor air quality, transport fresh air, etc. because air is the primary condition for people's survival, often stay in closed air will make people suffocate. For example, white-collar workers in the office, especially in winter, with windows closed, air-conditioning on, poor ventilation, often have physical health problems such as dyspnea and headache, which requires good ventilation.


  Due to the direct contact between the ventilation equipment and the air, it will rust after a long time, so it is also a reminder to the building management personnel to regularly clean the pipeline and prolong the service life. Sometimes for some special places, the pipeline will be sprayed with anti-corrosion coating for anti-corrosion protection. When using the coating, the pipeline should be cleaned first and evenly coated with anti-corrosion coating.



  In fact, for ventilation equipment, we all know the importance of our life, especially when some people buy a house, they will also consider how to ventilate. In the early stage of building, the location of various pipelines and how to lay them will be well designed, so as to ensure that people have a good quality of life.


  Ventilation equipment is a kind of municipal infrastructure to make the air circulate and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. The plates, profiles and other main finished materials used for the manufacture and installation of ventilation pipes and air ducts shall comply with the provisions of the current national standards for design and related products, and the factory inspection certificate shall be applied. The materials shall be accepted according to the current national standards when entering the site.


  Ventilation equipment is generally divided into: steel plate air duct (ordinary steel plate), galvanized steel plate (white iron) air pipe, stainless steel ventilation pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilation pipe, composite material ventilation pipe, color steel sandwich insulation board ventilation pipe, double-sided aluminum foil insulation ventilation pipe, single-sided color steel insulation air pipe, coated tape ventilation pipe (such as mine air duct), mining plastic ventilation pipe, etc.


  Ventilation equipment is mainly used in industry and construction engineering, and its application fields mainly involve: purification system of dust-free workshop of electronic industry, purification system of aseptic workshop of medicine and food, central air-conditioning system of hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and office buildings, exhaust pipes for dust removal, smoke exhaust and oil absorption for industrial pollution control, air supply pipe and coal mine drainage tile suitable for industrial environment or post Gas drainage system, coal mine environment control with air supply and return system, etc.


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