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  In fact, the importance of Jinan ventilation duct is well known in our life, especially when someone buys a house, the ventilation effect will be considered, and the location of various ducts will be designed in the initial stage of construction. Three in one ventilation equipment ensures people's quality of life. But, do you know the construction precautions and the cause of the noise?


  In summer, because the temperature of the gas transported is lower than the dew point of the surrounding air, condensate may form on the outer wall of the pipeline. This will increase the cooling loss of central air conditioning system. Condensation of water droplets can contaminate ceilings, walls and floors. Therefore, cold insulation treatment should also be carried out. Long term use can cause rust and aging. Remind managers to arrange pipes regularly to prolong service life. Sometimes there will be some special ventilation ducts: anticorrosive coating will be used for anti-corrosion protection. When using paint, clean the pipe and apply it evenly to prevent corrosion.


  So, what are the causes of noise in Jinan ventilation pipeline


  1. The range hood equipment is not solid


  If the position of the range hood is uneven, the screw is loose, and the parts fall off, which causes resonance between the operation and the support and produces noise, it is necessary to re install the range hood or parts and prepare the position budget to ensure the correct equipment.



  2. Check valve device error


  For example, the failure and falling off of one-way valve may lead to poor smoke exhaust effect. Fumes may resonate in pipes and check valves, or airflow may be disturbed, making noise easily. At this time, the check valve should be re installed or replaced with a new one.


  3. The blade of wind turbine is deformed and the device is not correct


  Due to long-term use, the wind turbine is attached with a large amount of oil, resulting in imbalance. Maybe some of the blades are broken, causing noise. At this time, the range hood should be cleaned regularly and the wind wheel should be replaced if necessary.


  The range hood and ventilation pipe have not been cleaned for a long time.


  Oil stains and foreign matters produced by long-term operation are in the flue and range hood, and the electric fan is unstable and noisy. In this way, the range hood and ventilation pipe should be cleaned regularly and the air flow should be normal. The air in the kitchen is not in circulation, the convection between range hood and ventilation pipe is not smooth, negative pressure will not be formed in the kitchen, the exhaust is not smooth, and noise will also be generated.


  The above is the analysis of the causes of the noise in the ventilation duct. I hope this article can help you.


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