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  Is the ventilation duct the same as the smoke exhaust duct?


  Ventilation duct and smoke exhaust duct are very similar in appearance and material. Many people don't know that they are not the same concept. Ventilation duct and smoke exhaust duct are different.


  The smoke exhaust pipe is specially used to remove the flue gas, and the main function of the ventilation pipe is to supply air and smoke, which is often used in one or several rooms or equipment.



  The ventilation pipe plays the role of air exchange to keep the indoor air unobstructed, which is the pipe for the room or equipment to supply and exhaust air. After the installation of the ventilation duct, the surface should be smooth and free of other impurities, and the outdoor part of the air duct should be protected from snow and rain.


  The thickness of galvanized iron sheet of smoke exhaust pipe is selected according to high pressure standard, and general ventilation pipe is selected according to medium and low pressure system;


  If it is not the air duct of the air conditioning system, the general ventilation pipe does not need to be insulated. If the smoke exhaust pipe is installed indoors, it should be insulated.


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