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  Do you not know the weldability of white iron processing? With our continuous progress in black and white iron processing pipeline, we can bring more elements to the development. There are many welding methods for black-and-white iron processing pipe produced by manufacturers. How should we choose welding process? The following small series of detailed introduction of white iron processing welding performance.


  Welding performance of white iron processing:


  Gas welding is usually used for welding black and white iron processing pipe produced by black and white iron processing pipe manufacturer. In the installation industry, defects such as defects, poor welding mechanical properties, etc., this welding method has been basically screened, in addition, the zinc coating is relatively easy to be damaged.


  CO2 gas maintenance welding has excellent welding function of galvanized steel. When selecting the appropriate welding specification and matching maintenance Gas and welding data, excellent welding joint can be obtained, but this method is rarely used.



  The energy of TIG welding is more concentrated, it will not damage the zinc coating, and can form a good joint, but the only disadvantage is high cost and slow speed.


  At present, the plastic coated black and white iron pipe is an effective way to prolong the service life of the composite pipe. Most pipelines are built at low temperatures in winter and operate at high temperatures. Then apply the glue.


  This glue is special. It has low water absorption and strong binding force. Finally, the working temperature is different after coating different materials on the outer layer. This requires the selection of different plastic coating materials in different temperature environments.


  Using black and white iron processing pipeline in different periods can bring us more different development and application. In practical application, the joint pipe is usually acceptable. The maximum working pressure is less than 20kg, which is the safest application range.



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