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Cleaning method of large air duct in office building?


1. First of all, the air conditioning and ventilation duct system is cleaned by layers, and then each layer of air conditioning pipeline system is divided into several cleaning construction pipe sections, each section length is not more than 30 meters.


2. The detection robot and other complete sets of equipment work online. The detection robot is added from the port in the air duct to the detection port to detect the pollution inside the air duct. Through the monitoring camera unit, the pollution situation inside the air duct and the whole video detection process can be seen, and some relevant records can be filled in at any time.


3. For the air duct of small central air conditioning and ventilation system, use electric brush to clean everything, ventilate bending section and riser, clean air nozzle with air or soft brush. The cleaning and cleaning tools should be used together with large-scale electric vacuum cleaner to ensure that dust and debris in the air duct can be effectively sucked out.



4. Cleaning of vertical air duct: the vertical air duct is usually only in the air conditioning room or ventilation shaft. In view of this situation, open the air duct interface at the bottom of vacuum cleaner. At high points, repeatedly blow the pipe with a high-pressure blower. For the air duct with gradient and drop greater than 38O, the high-pressure fan shall be used to repeatedly blow the air duct according to the above method.


5. After the cleaning quality is qualified, the aerosol sprayer is sprayed with pneumatic sprayer (mainly composed of Nematocides, sodium hypochlorite and surfactant). Disinfection treatment was carried out in the air duct.


6. After cleaning, move the device to the next location and then re install the device to clean the next place.


7. In the next cleaning, the operation steps are the same, just take the air outlet where the dust collector is installed as the inlet of the air brush, and the next adjacent air outlet is the connection port of the dust collector. Place the airbag at the back of the vacuum cleaner and seal it. Seal the clean part with another airbag to prevent secondary pollution.


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