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With the continuous growth of service time, Shandong ventilation pipeline will accumulate a lot of impurities. These impurities will be stored in the pipeline for a long time and accelerate its oil condensation during operation. If the temperature conversion is too high, it will damage the air pressure valve, hydraulic pressure and other components, and has a great impact on the normal operation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the ventilation duct equipment regularly. How to clean it up? Let's introduce it to you.


(1) When the air duct is connected with the fan, the soft joint should be installed at the air inlet and outlet. The cross-sectional dimension of the flexible joint shall be the same as that of the fan inlet and outlet. Hose connections can be made of canvas, synthetic leather and other materials. The length of the hose should not be less than 200, and the tightness should be appropriate. The hose can cushion the vibration of the fan.


(2) When the air duct is connected with the dust removal equipment and heating equipment, the prefabrication and installation shall be suspended according to the theoretical mapping map after the equipment is installed.



(3) During the installation of Shandong ventilation pipeline, the inlet and outlet should be opened when the air duct is prefabricated. If the air duct needs to be opened at the end of installation, its interface should be tight.


(4) When transporting condensate water or gas with large moisture content, the horizontal pipeline should be set with slope and connected with drainage pipe at low point. During installation, there should be no longitudinal joint at the bottom of the air duct, and the sealing treatment of the bottom joint should be suspended.


(5) For the steel plate air duct conveying inflammable and explosive gases, the jumper wire should be installed at the connecting flange of the air duct and connected with the electrostatic grounding grid.


(6) When the height of horizontal air duct is more than 4m, the installation personnel shall wear safety belt. The springboard on the scaffold or mobile support should be fixed, and the width of the springboard should conform to the safety regulations. The installation personnel on the scaffold should carry bags to avoid falling objects or electric drills to hurt people.


(7) After the double suspender bracket is in place in the air duct, the cross arm shall be straight, the suspender shall not be changed, and the double suspender shall be stressed evenly.


The ventilation pipe should be cleaned every three months, which can not only ensure the normal operation, but also prolong the service life of the ventilation pipe.


The above is about the cleaning method of impurities in Shandong ventilation pipeline. I hope it will help you. If you want to know more, please click the website: 。


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