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If you are careful, you can find that there are many cuboid pipes on the external walls of some factories. From the appearance, they are made of iron sheet. Do you know what the function of these pipes is? In fact, they are used for ventilation, because the production work in factories often releases some gases, some of which are harmless, but some of which are harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to them In order to ensure the safety of the workers in the factory, these gases need to be discharged outside. If you want the ventilation pipe to play a good ventilation effect, you must install it well when you install it. Do you know what the preconditions for installing Shandong ventilation pipe are? Do you understand the relevant installation regulations? Let's understand it with the editor.


Prerequisites for installation of ventilation ducts:


1、 Preparation before installation:


1. All kinds of installation materials shall have factory certificate or quality appraisal document and product list.


2. The finished air duct shall be free of deformation, distortion, cracking, holes, flange falling off, missing riveting, missing bolt holes and other defects.


3. The valve body, tuyere and other parts installed should be checked to see if the adjusting device is flexible, and whether the muffler and paint layer are damaged.


4. Materials used for installation: bolts, nuts, washers and other auxiliary materials shall meet the product quality requirements.


5. Check whether the hole size, location and air duct size meet the drawing requirements to avoid invalid installation.



2、 Installation prerequisites:


1. The construction of building envelope is completed, all obstacles and debris have been cleared, and ground debris have been cleared.


2. When the air duct of the purification system is installed, the floor of the internal installation parts of the building has been made, and the wall concrete leveling has been completed. It must be carried out under the condition that there is no dust or dust-proof measures in the room.


3. The auxiliary materials at the installation site must be complete, and the construction technician shall provide quality and technical guidance.


The above is about the installation of Shandong ventilation duct prerequisite introduction, hope to help you, if you want to know more information content, please click our website: 。


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