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The ventilation pipe is the metal or nonmetal pipe used in the ventilation and air conditioning engineering of industrial and civil buildings. It is also a municipal infrastructure to make the air circulate and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. But at the same time, the ventilation pipe will rust for a long time. At this time, there must be safety hazards. How to eliminate these hazards, we will briefly introduce them Let's go.


Jinan ventilation pipeline processing found that: few people pay attention to the safety risks of ventilation pipeline, for the fire department specially remind the production enterprises and catering businesses, must regularly clean up the kitchen and flue oil dirt, to prevent the fire phenomenon caused by too much oil dirt and too high pipeline temperature. However, through our actual investigation, we found that many enterprises and restaurants are unwilling to do this "dirty work" due to various reasons.



As for the restaurant owner's cleaning of the ventilation pipe, as long as the exhaust air is normal, who will pipe the exhaust pipe. However, if the smoke exhaust pipes of factories and hotels are not cleaned for a long time, the oil will adhere to the inner wall of the pipes, which is particularly prone to fire.


For example, the cooking fume ventilation pipes in hotels are usually made by frying, frying, cooking and frying. When the cooking fume is removed, it will condense and adhere to the surface of the smoke exhauster and the inner wall of the cooking fume pipes, forming a layer of grease dirt in a short time. The corner of the oil pipe is the place where the oil dirt is easy to accumulate and the place where the oil dirt is hidden. However, it is not easy to clean the place where it is easy to scale.


Moreover, the hidden danger of the ventilation pipeline is not that my family has not cleaned up, and few people have cleaned up the surrounding hotels. Because when the ventilation pipe is used, as long as its exhaust air is normal and the sound is OK, it will not be taken care of. Who will take care of it, unless it really can't run, but it won't be repaired at this time, and it will be scrapped and bought directly.


The above is the introduction of "Jinan ventilation pipeline on how to eliminate the potential safety hazards in the ventilation pipeline", hoping to help you. For more information, please click our website: 。


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