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Black and white iron is the general name of black iron and white iron, which is the name of small folk workshops for processing ordinary iron and galvanized iron. Black and white iron refers to ordinary iron as "black iron" and galvanized iron as "white iron". The advantages of black and white iron processing, when black and white iron processing products, its advantages are very clear, mainly because of the longitude and practical effect of these products, black and white processing is very important.


You can feel it when you use it. In the filtration process, there should be strict requirements, and according to the factory production and production level of processing guidance. Black and white atomic energy processing. The products made of materials are of high grade and will not damage the processing process. We must take them seriously. Human wisdom is a kind of endless iron blue pipe, which uses the corrosion resistance of molten steel to invent the sturis river. However, due to the high requirements of inelastic technology and the high use of shells in financial courses, they are only suitable for these exquisite items, not suitable for large-scale use. For large steel plate, people use ordinary steel plate and iron plate, called striss steel plate, iron pipe, this kind of steel is called black and white steel plate. Stris? Lisbon's role is not to rust, black and white iron generally does not rust, the surface is a layer of black and white. The protective coating is easy to corrode and does not corrode.



But due to the destruction of external force, the rust melted. Empty blue does not damage the inside of the steel. It's like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Although the surface melted, my face melted again. With the rapid development of black and white processing technology, there is a kind of refractory white iron. These black-and-white cast irons have strong fire resistance and do not need special fire seal. This kind of fire seal material can replace black-and-white seal. In addition, the fire performance of black iron and white iron should be carried out irregularly on the basis of fire prevention and fire prevention factors. Black and white processed products are very good because they are very different from other products. He can bring benefits to the company. In addition, his materials also need a high cost.


Compared with other products, black and white iron still has many advantages. The above are the advantages and benefits of black and white iron processing. I believe you all know about it. For more wonderful information, please click our website:


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