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With the development of society, many family houses and hotel kitchens will use ventilation pipes. Therefore, the installation of ventilation pipes is very important. Once there is an unreasonable situation, it will cause the odor phenomenon and affect the home life. The unreasonable design and installation of kitchen exhaust pipe will often cause the kitchen exhaust is not smooth, which directly affects the use of fume purifier


What are the reasons and solutions for the blocked smoke exhaust in the ventilation duct


The reason is that the design is unreasonable: because the expected saturation value of dining staff is lower than the current saturation value when opening and decorating, the workload of kitchen is increased, and many stoves operate at the same time, the original design fan speed is low, and the smoke exhaust volume is small, which leads to poor smoke exhaust. Solution: install fan type four leaf or six leaf smoke exhaust fan at the smoke exhaust outlet to increase the smoke exhaust volume, or replace the high wind fan;



Then there is the aging of equipment: some of the kitchen equipment in the old-fashioned exhaust hood aging exhaust hood, resulting in hood air leakage, reduced smoke. The aging of exhaust fan leads to the decrease of speed and exhaust volume. The oil fume pipes of old exhaust equipment are relatively thin (about 300 mm * 300 mm in diameter). Due to the accumulation of oil dirt for a long time and inconvenient cleaning, the exhaust effect is also poor.


Another point is that it is particularly important to strengthen the usual maintenance and cleaning of ventilation pipes.


TDF connection is that the two ends of the iron sheet ventilation pipe are pulled to form its own flange, and then the two sections of the air pipe are connected by using the flange angle and the flange clamp. Shandong ventilation pipe manufacturers are introduced as follows:


1. The four corners of the ventilation pipe are inserted into the flange corners;


2. Fill sealant evenly around the flange formed by the edge of ventilation pipe;


3. Combination of flange, and insert flange clamp from 4 corners of flange;


4. Tighten the bolts at four flange corners;


5. Clamp the flange clamp together with the two flanges with hand vice;


6. If the distance between the flange clamp and the flange angle is 1500mm, use 4 flange clamps; if the flange side length is 900-1200mm, use 3 flange clamps; if the flange side length is 600mm, use 2 flange clamps; if the flange side length is less than 450mm, use 1 flange clamp in the middle.


The installation of kitchen smoke exhaust pipe is very important. If the smoke exhaust is not smooth, check it according to the content described above.


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