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Nowadays, kitchen exhaust pipe is very popular in the market. With the continuous development of economy, more and more consumers choose to install the pipe. Do you know what you need to know at the time of installation? Now, follow the ventilation pipe installation manufacturers to understand it, hope to help you.


1. Pay attention to construction details


It is very important to choose the installation position of range hood. The shorter the pipe, the better. For the sake of beauty, some owners will pull the pipe longer. In this way, after the lampblack mechanism falls off, a lot of lampblack will gather in the pipe and cannot be discharged, and then it will be poured back into the room. In addition, in order not to damage the original main and auxiliary flue, its opening direction can not be changed at will, so it is necessary to punch holes in the auxiliary flue.


2. Replace the check valve frequently


If the auxiliary flue has been removed, or it is necessary to better prevent the influence of back smoke, the flue check valve shall be used.


Generally speaking, the function of the check valve of the range hood is not very obvious. The installation manufacturer of the smoke exhaust pipe suggests that the check valve should be installed in the flue to protect the range hood, so that the smoke in the flue will not return to the pipe and the range hood. However, the check valve should be cleaned regularly after installation, otherwise the check valve will fail to open, and the flue check valve should be replaced every two years or so.



3. Reserve auxiliary flue


Each kitchen has a flue, which also has main and auxiliary parts. The ventilation duct manufacturer said that the main flue runs through the whole building, and the auxiliary flue is relatively independent.


Generally, the indoor oil fume enters into the auxiliary flue, and then enters into the main flue through the hole on the partition plate, so as to ensure that the indoor oil fume of each household is isolated. If the secondary flue is directly connected with the main flue, it will produce inverted smoke or smoke string due to low pressure.

4、 窗户排烟

4. Smoke exhaust from windows


In order to avoid the smoke problem, some owners give up the original flue and directly open holes on the windows for smoke exhaust. This is OK, but there are several points to pay attention to.


Before opening a hole in the window or wall, you need to obtain the consent of the property; secondly, pay attention to safety. Generally speaking, the end of the exhaust pipe is made of metal. If the opening is too small, the heat transfer of metal may break the glass and injure pedestrians. Moreover, the smoke pipe leads to the window, and the northerly wind from the front will cause the oil smoke to pour back. Try to stick the pipe out, then put it under to prevent the rain from flowing into the pipe when it rains, and leave the windshield outside.


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