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不锈蚀:PP管可在很大的温度范围内承受PH值,范围在1~14的高浓度的酸和碱的腐蚀。 耐磨损、不结垢:PP管及管件内壁均匀光滑,流动阻力小并且不结垢。

No corrosion: PP pipe can withstand the corrosion of high concentration acid and alkali with pH value ranging from 1 to 14 in a large temperature range. Wear resistance, no scaling: PP pipes and fittings have smooth inner wall, low flow resistance and no scaling.

减小振动和噪声:PP管具有优良的隔声性能,可显著减少由液体流动引起的振动和噪声。 防冻裂:PP材料弹性优良使得管材和管件截面可随着冻胀的液体一起膨胀而不会胀裂。

Reduce vibration and noise: PP pipe has excellent sound insulation performance, which can significantly reduce the vibration and noise caused by liquid flow. Antifreeze crack: PP material has excellent elasticity, so that the cross section of pipes and fittings can expand with the frost heaving liquid without cracking.


Anti condensation, less heat loss: PP material is poor thermal conductor, which can reduce condensation and heat loss.



Simple installation: PP pipe is light weight, easy to install and operate, and has weldability.

使用寿命长:PP管系统在规定的使用条件下寿命达50年。 长久的使用寿命-----在额定温度、压力状况下,PP管道可安全使用50年以上。  耐腐蚀性能-----能耐大多数化学物品的腐蚀,可在很大的范围内承受PH值范围在1-14的高浓度酸和碱的腐蚀。

Long service life: PP pipe system has a service life of 50 years under the specified service conditions. Long service life: PP pipe can be safely used for more than 50 years under rated temperature and pressure. Corrosion resistance: it can resist the corrosion of most chemicals, and can withstand the corrosion of high concentration acid and alkali with pH value ranging from 1 to 14 in a large range.


Excellent anti-wear performance - when transporting mineral slurry, the wear resistance of PP pipe is more than 4 times that of steel pipe.

良好的卫生性能-----PP管材分子中仅有碳、氢元素,无毒无味,卫生性能可靠。  耐热保温节能-----PP管材*高使用温度95度摆布,该产物的导热系数仅为钢管的1200,故有较好的保温性能。  可靠的连接性能-----PP管热熔接口的强度高于管材本体,接缝不会由于土壤移动或载荷的作用而断开。

Good hygienic performance --- PP pipe has only carbon and hydrogen elements in its molecule, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and has reliable hygienic performance. Heat resistance, heat preservation and energy saving - PP pipe * high service temperature of about 95 degrees, the thermal conductivity of the product is only 1200 times that of steel pipe, so it has good heat preservation performance. Reliable connection performance: the strength of PP pipe hot melt joint is higher than that of pipe body, and the joint will not be broken due to soil movement or load.


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