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通风管道主要应用在工业及建筑工程中,应用领域主要涉及:电子工业无尘厂房净化系统,医药食品无菌车间净化系统,酒店宾馆、商场病院、工厂及写字楼的空调系统,工业污染控制用除尘、排烟、吸油等排风管、工业环境或岗位舒 适用送风管、煤矿抽放瓦斯用抽放瓦斯系统、煤矿矿井环境控制用送回风系统等等。

Ventilation pipes are mainly used in industrial and construction projects, and their application fields mainly involve: purification system of dust-free workshop in electronic industry, purification system of sterile workshop for medicine and food, central air conditioning system of hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and office buildings, exhaust pipes for dust removal, smoke extraction and oil absorption in industrial pollution control, supply pipes for industrial environment or post comfort, ventilation pipes for air conditioning, ventilation pipes for air conditioning and air conditioning Gas drainage system for coal mine gas drainage, air supply and return system for coal mine environment control, etc.



Ventilation pipe is mainly used in industrial construction engineering, the field of design is very wide, now the working environment of oil absorption, smoking, dust removal need to use ventilation pipe. It is the use of natural air to replace indoor air, in order to improve indoor air quality. So, how does it improve indoor air quality?


1. It provides the oxygen people need to breathe.


2. Dilute indoor contaminants or odors.


3. The pollutants produced by indoor process are also analyzed.


4. Remove excess heat or moisture from the room.


5. Provide the air required for combustion of indoor combustion equipment.


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