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Spiral ventilation pipe will produce certain noise in the process of operation. For example, we will also have a great impact in residential and commercial areas, including rest and study. It is difficult for us to stay. So how should we avoid noise in the construction process?


1、 The angle of spiral ventilation duct should be reduced as much as possible.


2、 The standard of flexible joint device can prevent wind resistance and wind noise caused by loose canvas.


3、 The dynamic balance adjustment of the impeller system of the spiral duct fan is reasonable, and the fluctuation of positive and negative is no more than five wires.



4、 Control the air outlet and return air interval to prevent the self-excited appearance and small circulation space during air convection.


5、 The suspension adopts the spring shock absorber connector to reduce the runout or common frequency caused by torsion during operation.


In fact, it is not difficult to achieve the above points. We should pay more attention to them. According to the above knowledge, we will also master some. I believe that the moisture-proof of ecological wood is not difficult. Therefore, when we choose ecological wood, we must pay attention to its moisture-proof, which can extend its service life.


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