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When we install ventilation ducts, there are many methods, not fixed methods. We can choose a simple and convenient method according to our own situation, which also determines our presentation effect. Let's first see what methods are available for you to choose?


1. Plug in connection: it is mainly used for the connection of rectangular or circular air duct. First, make the connecting pipe, then insert the air duct on both sides, and then fix it tightly with rivet.


2. Slotted connection: it is mainly used for rectangular duct connection. It is to insert different forms of slotted bars into both ends of the duct, and then compact them.



3. Hose type connection: it is mainly used to connect the air duct and components. During installation, both ends of the hose are sheathed outside the connecting pipe, and then the hose is clamped tightly with a special soft clamp.


4. Hoop type connection: it is mainly used for the connection of circular ventilation pipe and spiral air pipe of steel plate. Firstly, the two ends of each pipe section are rolled out with ribs, and one end is shrunk to a small opening. During installation, the small opening is inserted into the big opening according to the air flow direction, and the drum hoops at the two ends are tightly connected with steel hoops, and fixed and tightened with bolts in the middle of the ring.


The above are several common methods when we connect the ventilation duct, hope to be useful to you, more information, welcome to pay attention to the update of this site.


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