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Kitchen and toilet in the home decoration is the need to set up ventilation pipe space, in the installation of kitchen ceiling, we should put the installation of ventilation pipe into its construction scope. In the installation of kitchen and toilet ceiling, what matters should be paid attention to in the installation of ventilation pipe?


1、 Generally, the length of the ventilation pipe should not exceed 1.5m, so the distance between the ventilator and the ventilation window should be paid attention to.


2、 The ventilation pipe should not be connected into the same flue with the exhaust pipe of the gas water heater, so as to prevent the dangerous gas from permeating into the bathroom.



3、 In determining the position of the ventilation hole on the wall, open a circular hole with a diameter of 105mm as the vent.


4、 Even if a range hood has been installed in the kitchen, it is also recommended to install a ventilator on the top of the range hood. This can not only promote the function of the range hood when cooking, but also purify the kitchen air after turning off the range hood.


Kitchen chandelier decoration and installation process, if you pay attention to the above four points, after the living environment will not be affected. After the installation of ventilation pipes, in the long-term use, we can use kitchen equipment or cooking more convenient.


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