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Strictly speaking, stainless steel ventilation pipe is a kind of air pipe processing technology, also known as spiral biting thin-walled pipe. It is made of metal strip coil into spiral biting thin-walled pipe. Because the applied material is metal, it is also called spiral biting metal pipe. It is used in military industry of western countries, such as ship, ship ventilation, air conditioning system, and then used in train, subway, air conditioning system Mine and other civil facilities.

到2000年时,据查询拜访,美国写字楼、商场、地铁等应用不锈钢风管已达95.6%。民用住宅建筑中中 央空调应用螺旋风管占比亦达72.5%。我国从90年代中期最先引入该技术用以造船业,随之我国经济的腾飞,空调的应用逐年增加,排送风配套产物质量不竭提升 ,不锈钢风管在某些别墅中获得遍及应用。

By 2000, according to the survey, 95.6% of office buildings, shopping malls and subways in the United States had stainless steel ducts. Spiral duct also accounts for 72.5% of central air conditioning applications in residential buildings. China began to introduce this technology to shipbuilding industry in the mid-1990s. With the rapid development of China's economy, the application of central air conditioning is increasing year by year, the quality of exhaust and supply air supporting products is constantly improving, and stainless steel air duct is widely used in some villas.



(1) Easy to install


The installation of stainless steel ventilation pipe obviously reduces the connection points between pipes and reduces the leakage at the joint of pipe fittings to a low degree. The common length of stainless steel ventilation pipe is 3 ~ 6m, while the common length of rectangular ventilation pipe is only 1 ~ 1.5m; And only one connector is needed to connect two stainless steel air ducts, while the traditional rectangular air duct often needs a completely independent double flange system.


(2) Product standardization


The production of fittings (fittings and joints) of stainless steel round duct has been highly automated and systematic, and has industrialized quality control.


(3) Pressure drop


As we all know, the wind resistance of circular duct is much smaller than that of rectangular duct.


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