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在室外装修工程施工前,应在墙基的挡板上对ag真人加工墙的底座进行全 面查抄,并认真处理ag真人加工过程中存在的问题。室外装饰中ag真人加工的一些细节有哪些?

Before the construction of outdoor decoration project, the base of black and white iron processing wall should be checked on the baffle of wall base, and the problems existing in the process of black and white iron processing should be seriously dealt with. What are some details of black and white iron processing in outdoor decoration?


The main content of the work is to excavate and fill the concrete wall, frame column or organ column formed by the construction of the main project. The part to be cut should be elastic, cut carefully, and use some masonry to level. The chiseled product is good. The deep concave surface should be washed with water, and then coated with cement mortar after brushing until it is even with the outer surface of the substrate.


门和窗口位置上的查抄端口由顶层从顶部到底部弹出。垂直控制线的下框线是拉程度线。为了防止门窗倾斜,门窗不碍事,上下整洁,误差过大。要求的情况是提前做出全 面修正。门窗框架与墙体之间的间隙应密集分层嵌入,不常人员应作为一个过程仔细完成,基本项目验收应按门窗子项进行设备。

The inspection port on the door and window position is ejected from the top to the bottom by the top layer. The bottom border of the vertical control line is the horizontal line. In order to prevent the doors and windows from tilting, the doors and windows are not in the way, the up and down are neat, and the error is too large. The requirement is to make a comprehensive correction in advance. The gap between the door and window frame and the wall should be embedded in dense layers, special personnel should complete it carefully as a process, and the basic project acceptance should be carried out according to the door and window sub items.


When plastering is started on the wall of frame infilled wall, because there is no difference in water absorption and shortening performance between concrete and clay brick wall, this part will randomly produce the quality of gypsum surface cracks. In this part, the bottom layer of the ash is pre coated with the same mortar as the ash, and the transition layer is applied to the joint, And stop the rusting operation after the boring is shortened.


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