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How to make the ventilation pipe safer? We need to do a good job in the daily cleaning of oil pollution and dangerous factors. Ventilation pipe refers to the metal or non-metal pipes used for ventilation and air conditioning in industrial and civil buildings, and also the air distribution pipes used to reduce the concentration of harmful gases in municipal infrastructure; But at the same time, the ventilation pipe will rust when it is used for a long time. At this time, there will always be safety problems to be solved. Now let's briefly introduce how to do it.


According to the understanding of the ventilation pipeline processing, few people know the hidden danger of the ventilation pipeline. The fire department should pay special attention to the production enterprises and catering enterprises regularly remove the oil in the kitchen and flue to prevent the fire caused by too much oil and too high pipeline temperature. However, the actual survey shows that many enterprises and restaurants are unwilling to do this dirty work for various reasons.



If the restaurant owner cleans the ventilation duct, if the smoke is normal, who will manage the smoke exhaust duct? However, if the factory exhaust pipe and hotel exhaust pipe are not cleaned for a long time, the oil will adhere to the inner wall of the pipe, especially prone to fire.

假如是饭店的排烟管,因为中餐一般都是通过烤、炒、煮、炸等方式制作的,假如用灯油,消会碰到冷冷凝水,附着在排烟管表面和灯油管壁上,在短时间内形成油污。斑块轻易堆积和隐藏的地方是灯黑管的角落。然而,这并不是唯 一积聚污垢的地方,也不是那么轻易清理的。

If it's a hotel's smoke exhaust pipe, because Chinese food is generally made by baking, frying, boiling, frying and other means, if you use lamp oil, you will encounter cold condensate, which will adhere to the surface of the smoke exhaust pipe and the wall of the lamp oil pipe, forming oil stains in a short time. The place where patches are easy to accumulate and hide is the corner of the lamp black tube. However, this is not the only place where dirt accumulates and is not so easy to clean up.

至于通风管道的安全问题,不是你的房子不打扫,而是你周围的酒店很少打扫。因为在通风管道的使用中,只要排风正常,听得见,当然就不需要治理。谁来治理呢,除非他们能真 正把握它,不然是不会治理的。但在这个时候,不要修了,直接扔掉,买一个。

As for the safety of ventilation ducts, it is not that your house is not cleaned, but that the hotels around you are seldom cleaned. Because in the use of ventilation pipes, as long as the ventilation is normal and audible, there is no need for management. Who will manage it? Unless they can really control it, they will not manage it. But at this time, don't repair it, just throw it away and buy one.


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