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众所周知,通风管道的基本用途就是送新风和排气,将有害气体排出室外,把室外新鲜空气送至室内。在使用安装时需要做好防腐保温,那这样做有什么必要性呢? 让我们跟着通风管道厂家一起了解一下:

As we all know, the basic purpose of ventilation pipe is to supply fresh air and exhaust, to discharge harmful gases out of the room, to send outdoor fresh air indoors. In the use and installation of the need to do a good job of anti-corrosion insulation, then what is the need to do so? Let's follow the ventilation duct manufacturers to understand:


Generally, galvanized iron pipe is used, and stainless steel pipe is used in corrosive and especially humid places. When the ambient air humidity is high, the outer wall of the air duct should be treated with anti-corrosion and anti rust treatment. Phosphating primer or other corrosion-resistant coating should be sprayed on the inner wall of air duct conveying high temperature and humidity gas. When conveying high-temperature gas or low-temperature air in the air duct, the outer wall of the air duct should be insulated (cold insulation).



The purpose of heat preservation of air duct conveying high temperature gas is to prevent heat loss of air in the duct (in winter central air conditioning system); In addition, it can prevent the room temperature from rising due to the heat emission to the room when conveying waste heat steam or high temperature gas, and prevent people from being scalded by contacting the air duct. In summer, when the temperature of the transported gas is lower than the dew point temperature of the surrounding air, condensation will occur on the outer wall of the pipeline. This will increase the cooling loss of the air duct of the central air conditioning system, and at the same time, the condensate droplets will pollute the ceiling and the wall floor, so the cold insulation treatment should also be carried out.


The above is the reason for the anti-corrosion and heat preservation of ventilation pipes. Only by anti-corrosion can we reduce the corrosion phenomenon in the later use, so we should pay attention to these aspects, and try our best to ensure that the later use is more smooth and the effect is better.


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